There is no excuse for having auto homing grenade launcers

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There is no excuse for having auto homing grenade ...

Just got out of a domination match in villiage. opponents kept spamming xm25 grenades indefinitely at objective b...not like for 1 min but for the entire effing match. It is inexcusable that you would put something like that in a game for people to be able to take advantage of with scavenger/ammo hack/however they are able to spam grenades non stop at the same spot by repeatedly pulling the trigger.

Seriously I would like to hear news stories of murder/suicide at IW headquarters. This game feels like it was designed by a-holes for a-holes.

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Re: There is no excuse for having auto homing gren...

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Most likely you went up against a team hacking. MW3 had become just as bad as MW2. Now you get people who are gonna be like we aren't cheating you just suck. I've learned that cheaters will only stick around for 1-2 games then leave as not to draw to much attention. Went up against a guy last night who went 52-8 with the glock-18 all headshots. People can't play a game with out cheating now a days

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