This is getting rediculous...

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Quickscoping, with all the lag going on right now this game is unplayable. I cannot stand seeing a sniper quickscope me on the killcam.

I put about half a clip into a snipers chest hitmarkers and everything and he quickscoped me and DIDNT EVEN HIT ME, his shot was to the left of my arm, and it showed as a hit in the chest.

Fuck this game, seriously. Im going to the shooting range later this week, and guess what will be my first target.

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That's lag. You put a ton of shots into him, he didn't die. On the kill cam his aimer isn't on you, on his screen it is, lag. It's the same thing as when you run around a corner and are safe behind massive walls but still mange to get shot and die. That's lag assist.

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"getting" lol

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