Thoughts on killcams

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I see killcams as another noob friendly tool.  I'm glad they were never on the Wii.  MW3 is noob friendly enough.  Imagine having a camera that always showed where you were when you killed someone.  That brief glimpse they give you on the Wii is enough. 

Stuff like that should be in a separate playlist in my opinion.  Like a "beginners" playlist.  That's the place for deathstreaks, akimbo machine pistols, and kill cams.  A separate list where crappy players can go, get some help, and feel like they are doing something.  Nothing more annoying than getting mowed down by some kid using akimbo with a 0.5 kdr or being blown up by dead man's hand because a kid got owned.  Maybe if they had something like that kids won't feel so obligated to hack because it's the only way they can win.

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