To all UK members without a clan

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Im from the UK, I'm a casual gamer I don't care much for competitive or KDR etc. I game to have a laugh and have fun. I've been trying to find a clan in the UK because of the timezone difference so I can get online with people at a reasonable time instead of being few hours in front or behide. I wanted to join a clan based in the UK on the PS3 that doesn't bother much with requirements such as KDR, microphones etc. I've searched on google, yahoo and all over forums and I couldnt find a single one thats casual or doesn't require something so I was thinking about starting a new UK clan called Alcohol & Ammunition (xA2 for short) just to be different. I've got a website and forum sorted but there's no point making a clan unless it interests others so I was wondering is there any UK players who's looking for the same thing as I am?

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