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I hear what your saying, and racial slurs are abundant but I was referring to name calling for playing well. I do not even entertain those topics, someone who racial slurs or insults to make them selves feel better is a bug on the bottom of my shoe.

"We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level
of our training"
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I think it's fine sometimes because every now and then I find players who can talk trash without referring back to the same old "Your mom" or racist comments.

Then there's the kids where everytime they open their mouth, you hear "Tryhard" "Your mom" "You're garbage/trash" "Stop camping". Those are the ones that I mute.

Personally, I remember when I had just owned on TDM, and a kid on the other team said, "Look at your KD! You're trash!"

"Well, I beat you, so you must be worse than trash."

He backed out the lobby after that, but that's what happens a lot while I'm playing.

So to paraphrase, I enjoy trash talking about the game, but I mute anyone who starts slandering someone because of their nationality/sexuality.

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we just have to accept the fact that we are all campers/noobs/cheaters/hackers/boosters/tryhards/stupid/worthless/retarded/gay/bastards

did i leave anything out? i hear all this crap just about everytime i play the game. The mute button is my favorite weapon on the game.

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Geez.... what a list all for either winning or giving them a hard time.

"We do not rise to the level of our expectations. We fall to the level
of our training"
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None of that stuff is offensive at all, and people that get upset over things a complete stranger says over the Internet are sad individuals.

Who cares what the guy says about your mom? Who cares if they make fun of how you play? Its a video game, and the Internet, literally doesn't matter at all.

As far as the racism goes, if you get upset and either go back at them or continue the racial jokes they win. These people are simply looking for a reaction, race happens to be a hot button issue that causes people to get upset. Again ignore it. Who cares? Racism exists deal with it

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I'll be honest with this..if I win a game I won't say anything unless the losing team calls me or my teammates out for something. If I lose I will say something only if the winning team starts bragging. My kd isn't that great(1.43) for MW3 because I have disregarded it so many times for a win(4.43).

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I love winning a FFA match and some guy starts yelling I'm trash and to stop pretending I'm the shit, when infact I was silent the whole entire game.

I notice everytime I say I'm not good, I get lucky, people get more pissed off at me.

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The game gets heated and people call other people names like who doesn't call a camper some type of name after they kill em' and if you don't want to be called names use the mute, step your game up, stop camping, hell turn off the mic if you don't like it 

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I actually find the name calling in COD pretty hilarious.  People talk sh*t to me and my clan all the time after we wreck them.  They always end up saying things out of complete rage aha.

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