Two ways to become a Call of Duty ELITE Founder

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Two ways to become a Call of Duty ELITE Founder

There are two ways to become a Call of Duty ELITE Founder.

1.  Any users who activate a Premium Call of Duty ELITE account by November 13, 2011 will automatically be granted Founder's status.  You can do this by purchasing Call of Duty ELITE via your console marketplace, a participating retailer or via the Call of Duty ELITE membership token code found in the MW3 Hardened Edition.  To activate the token code please see the instructions below. 

2.  Any user who has a Founder card found in the MW3 Hardened Edition can also redeem the code found on the back of that card to receive Founder status after the November 13, 2011.  This code can be redeemed at at a later date,  If you own the MW3 Hardened Edition and activate your premium subscription token by November 13th, you do not need to activate your Founder code.

Please note:  It may take up to 48 hours to receive your Founder status.  Founders can identify their status by the existence of a green skull icon next to their gamertag or console ID on Call of Duty ELITE.

To redeem a PSN token please do the following:
1. Under "PlayStation Network" in the XMB, select "Account Management"
2. In the next menu, select "Redeem Codes"
3. Three input boxes will appear. Your voucher code will consist of 3 sets of 4 characters, Like this:


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