Type 95 comeback?

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So I've been playing a lot recently and I've noticed the increasing number of people using the T95.

Before you all get your panties in a knot, yes, I'm going to plainly state that this gun, along with the akimbo FMG9s, is OVERPOWERED.


The T95 does 55 damage up close, but only 20 at a range, sure seems pretty balanced! It's weakness is long range combat, right?

WRONG! Long range combat in MW3 seems to be rare, and the damage drop off of this gun doesn't end for quite some time, so it's not doing the bare minimum 20 damage for quite a distance. The only maps that seem to have distances long enough to exploit this are Village, Bakaara, and Mission. Even so, most of the gun fights on these maps occur in the CQC areas of the map. Now I'm not saying we should completely nerf the T95 to be completely useless, but more rather rebalance it.

I feel like instead of 55-20 damage, the T95 should do 49-30 damage, I know it seems like a lot, but if you do this, then players will be required to hit the WHOLE entire burst at close range. Then at a distance, the T95 will be able to drop people in 4 shots, not 5. This is actually being gracious considering this guns ridiculous accuracy. I'm sure some of you know who Drift0r is. He said it himself, the T95 is OVERPOWERED. There's that word again. I definitely feel like instead of just nerfing guns and buffing guns, guns should be rebalanced. Shotguns have become prominent again because of some buffs and a nerf to the FMG9s (which I have barely noticed to actually nerf them). The time to kill with the Type 95 at it's full potential is 0.058 seconds. Yes, less than a tenth of a second. People won't know they're being shot by the gun until they're already dead. This increases even more with rapid fire. I'm sure the most common argument will be that the T95 sucks at range and that it's a 3 round burst gun so it should be strong blah blah blah, but regardless, someone should NOT be able to pick this gun up and go from a 0.64 k/d ratio to a 1.03 k/d ratio in 2 weeks of using it. That just shouldn't happen, believe me, I know this person, and they didn't just suddenly become tryhard over the weekend.

That's my rant about the Type 95 assault rifle and I'm sticking to it.

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Being an avid Type 95 user, I'm gonna have to disagree with you and say the gun is not overpowered. I have over 20k kills with it, and it behaves just as the Famas and M16 did in MW2, meaning it rewards you for accuracy.

A 3 round burst weapon should knock you on your ass in one burst at close range. Why is it fair to ask me to pull the trigger twice and pray my bursts hit while someone rushes me with a PP90 hip firing and holding down R1? It's not. The advantage of any non full auto is it rewards accuracy.

As far as your maps comment, that doesn't make the Type 95 OP. Just because the Type 95 can accel in the right hands on MW3 because of small maps doesn't mean it's OP. Any 3 round burst weapon can accel in MW3 if someone is accurate. The MK14 is the same way. The gun isn't OP, it can simply dominate in tight situations, just like the striker and PP90

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Now, I'm not saying that it shouldn't knock you on your ass in close range in one burst, nor did I ever say that. Regarding your comment about the maps, if someone is in range to hipfire you with their PP90, then they're obviously in range for you to knock them on their ass in one burst. The M16/FAMAS from MW2 weren't overpowered simply because the other guns were there to balance it out. Guns like the UMP, Tar-21, and Scar-H made it less likely for the FAMAS or M16 to dominate MW2, thus resulting in no one really saying too much about it.

I also never said that the T95's accuracy needs to be nerfed, nor did I ever say anything of the T95 needs to be nerfed, thus you are putting words in my mouth. Comparing this gun to the MK14 is like apples and oranges, the MK14 even fires a 7.62 nato round, which is tremendously better than what the T95 fires. Regardless, never did I ever say that the T95 shouldn't be a one burst kill.

"The gun isn't OP, it can simply dominate in tight situations, just like the striker and PP90"

The intention of a 3 round burst gun is to dominate medium-long range engagements, not to be used as a shotgun/sniper rifle/SMG.

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Best gun in CoD4? M16. Best gun in MW2? Famas. In Black Ops the G11 would've been the best gun in the game hands down if hit detection functioned properly.

CoD in general is really dominated by 3 round burst guns because they're impossible to balance. Too strong and you get the CoD4 M16 which was always a 1 burst. Too weak and you get the MW3 M16 which is just flat out terrible. Every other 3 round burst gun falls in between.

A 3 round burst weapon is supposed to dominate mid to long range, but given the fact

pretty much every gun in MW3 can compete at any range I fail to see how that alone makes it OP. The MP7 has 0 recoil and I've beaten so many ARs with that gun at midrange. I beat shotguns with a PP90 in CQC consistently. The point is no gun really behaves how it's supposed to in MW3, so by you're standards every gun is OP

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Just an aside all those previous guns you mentioned, the MW2 fams, the M16... all overpowered guns that people hated and a sh*t ton of people abused and probably 90% of people ended up using. Having stuff like that in the game just isn't fun, and it doesn't make for an interesting experience as a new player. New players find the one gun that is clearly the best, and then never change. They don't learn to be better or to adapt, they don't grow as players or get more skill, they stick to one gun that is so good it makes them better.

Here's the issue, this game is built around fast play and fast deaths, but there is a mode specifically for one shot type of things where players just don't have a chance in gunfights if they don't see the other person first, it's hardcore mode. Burst weapons are just annoying as hell when they one burst because there is nothing you can do to stop your death when you're on the receiving end, and that's not what this game is built around. On the other side tho, you have the M16 that is in this MW and it's a peice of sh*t! So honestly burst weapons are super hard to balance, frankly I just don't think they should have a place in this game because they just don't fit overall.

The only thing I can think of that would make it more reasonable is to make it so no burst weapon is a one burst aside from maybe the first 5 ft. Give them a decent ROF, (a bit more than the MW3 m16 with rapid fire), give them decent hipfire, make one burst fire gun good while strafing, and make one that had a lot of sway and rewards you for taking the time to stop for a second and then shoot or something. Make the one that has high movment sway have lot's of recoil and bounce so that players are encouraged to move between shots and give it a bit more dmg but slower ROF and reload. The other, give it less recoil and bounce, slightly less dmg and faster reload but slower weapon swap.

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Was going to read all of the post but got to the 4th line and saw OP'd and decided blah blah not another Type 95 OP thread. Said a million times, get even and use it.

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Type 95 is a great gun but it's not overpowered.  Everything kills fast, if you know how to aim & shoot.

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IMO .. its an okay gun .. but i much rather have the mk14,acr,scar,gcr,901 ... if you come up on a 2 vs 1 situation u are screwed .. which is why i usually run around with the pp90 cause u can can usually win in any gun fight ..

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