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Hi guys,

I tried to 'monetize' my YouTube clip, and it says I need permission. I know heaps of people upload clips without permission and it's okay, I was just wondering if it was legal? Do we have Call of Duty's permission to upload videos? When you put it through ELITE it is legal, so I don't see why not, but YouTube requires you to provide written proof.

If a Beachhead Studio, or Infinity Ward, or Call of Duty member can reply to this as well as anyone with information it would be greatly appreciated.

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Yes, you can upload there stuff to utube, but you wont be able to make any money from it.

In order to make money off the videos of CoD (or anyother game) you need (content?) licences, they cost a lot of money. You need to pay for them.

When it comes to seananner's etc, they get there licences from Machinima, who, in turn, buy there (content?) licence's off the studios.

With the studios, I would think that they all have one body speaking for all of them, for this type of thing.

Thats what I hear anyways.

Oh, yeah, I wont ask Machinima for a partnership, they wont reply.

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