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Oh, okay. Just they way you wrote your post, your pretty much saying it's a campfest.

And never take any thing I say personal. I never attack anyone, I was just simply stating my opinion. But I'm pretty sure you didn't take it personal. Just have to say it because people fly off the handle thinking it's a personal attack towards them when some disagrees with the OP.

But yeah, I have been in Face Off maps where whole clans straight up camp. I'm not even talking about holding down the area as a team. They're seriously in a corner in the crouch position, all over the map. But whats cool about campers is I never lost a gunfight while one is facing me. It seems like a camper's 1st shot is on delay. But I've been shot in the back plenty of times. 

But I definitely come across a lot more games where both teams are constantly moving positions. That is what keeps me coming back to play.

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What's the point of any of the game modes?

They are all designed to give something different to try and satisfy the huge variation in what people want.  You may not like it but I'm sure others do, and the modes you like are probably not liked by those same people.  It's known as horses for courses.  No one is going to like every game type.

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I find them fast paced, especially 2v2 or 3 v 3 and the maps are some of the best DLC so far and there is very little lag.

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I completely agree. There's only one map I don't like. But I don't back out from it like I do with Downturn. I used to refuse playing on Outpost until I discovered how great Marksman works on this map.

I never tried a 1 vs 1, and most likely never will. Unless it's a private match w/friend. I'm an Elite memeber and actually love the free map "Erosion" the best. I wish IW made a bigger version of the map for standard and advanced gamemodes.

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lol .... really assasin can help u ? assasin is a perk to just camp lol.. stop it...

face off sucks cus the only thing people do is jus camp & that it & pawn trap u on the spot..

i have played it alot when it came out i was trying to get used to it.. but the only thing people use is.. recon pro, assasin, marksman. with their stupid portable radar on each corner.. really? lol.. & then ya people think ya nice.

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I use Assassin as a main perk, or in my Specialist perks. I never camp, EVER.

I haven't been spawn trapped, YET. Not saying it doesn't exist. But a lot of maps people can trap you. And it's frustrating as hell. That's when I backout and search for a new match.

For such small maps, I can't live without Sleight of Hand Pro, Hardline Pro, and Steady Aim. I always use Specialist. So my first perk is Assasin Pro, then Dead Silence, and either Blast Shield or Scavenger. I do love Sit Rep and think it's a great perk. But I feel Bettys, Claymores, and C4 are easier to spot in this game. And I never pick up a care package if it's just laying in the open.

And since I get Assassin after my 1st kill or point because of Hardline, I'm constantly destroying portable radars. If it gets me killed, I'm still preventing my other teammates from being killed till the enemy re-spawns again. Portable Radar is a useful tactic. But I noticed a ton of people don't even try hiding them, making it so easy to spot.

I guess my point is if I come across a match with spawm trapping Gods, I quit that bitch. I don't care about my Winning % because I personally play to unload steam and to communicate with other people who enjoy gaming and sports. MLG will never come knocking on my door. And the only sponsor I can probably get is from my local dive bar where the owner is drunk as shit and thinks everything is a money making idea, as long as he's in. Then after is family sends him to rehab and gets a clear head, he will come after me and knock all of my teeth out.

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It's only slow if the opposition is camping. If you have a mic it helps because you can just tell the other team you will leave if they camp. That usually keeps them from camping for atleast the first part of the game. The opposite happens sometimes and all they do is camp. Therefore you leave, but it's usually the first one.

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