Weapon Title issues on MW3?

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Weapon Title issues on MW3?

So there are a lot of posts everywhere online about titles not showing up when you complete achievements.  In my case, I already have 250, 500, 1000 kills and 250, 500,1000 headshots with a variety of weapons.  They were achieved several weeks ago and I still dont have the titles for these (silver bar, silver bar with blood, gold skulls, etc).

I have been opening cases with Activision support but honestly, they've been useless.  The last rep I chatted with "Ruben S" was so useless, he just keep saying "well the servers have delays, is that all?  Ok Thanks", literally kicking me out of chat.  It seemed he was too busy to bother with me.

Has anyone ever gotten a reply as to why this is happening?  I barely started playing games on xbox360 and started playing MW3 about 3 months ago.  With so many problems and extremely rude and useless support from Activision, I am sure I wont be buying another one of their games.

Kinda sucks because the games are enjoyable.

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