What Kind of Player Do You Hate?

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Cornor....Campers....Holding......LT......ADSing.....( They make me want to punch a baby )

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The ones that sit in corner with portable radar and claymore.. thats when assassin , stalker and smaw come in handy..

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MP7 user's, shotty users, quickscopers, ACR users, drop shoters, rushers, campers, in fact everyone I hate you all...

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The ones that kill me a lot.

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The kind that stand around on the edges of the map with a laucher waiting to shoot stuff down. Instead they should be engaging the other team.

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*Sigh* Here to we go

Campers in general - Especially the ones that claim to be defending the objective (mainly domination). Or those that camp at the top of stairs/doorways in a prone position. I actually hate teammates that camp more than the enemy... because it means theyre not doing anything at all to help you win... noobs.

Drop shotters - What the hell kind of manouver is this -_- its a lame ass cheap trick thats unrealistic in a war zone... i know its only a game but comon, if you have to resort to this move then sorry but your just a try hard and afraid to die.

Creepers - The player that is in a crouched position that slowly comes round a corner and kills you whilst your in full sprint

Players who use FMG9 Akimbos

Players who complain about me using striker - For the most part, I never ever spam striker unless there is more than 1 player before me, I 1 shot ppl with it using the damage prof. Why not use a pump action you ask? This is because I like the semi-auto option of the shotgun better i dont have to wait for the pump before i fire again which usually gets me killed. Back to the ppl who complain about it, I have only 1 response for them, howd you let me get that close to kill you with it in the 1st place? You must have been camping or have no sense of awareness.... noobs.

Players who camp in te cockpit and roof on terminal.... comon, just... comon.

Noob tubers

Deathstreakers - So annoying when your about to get a 9 kill-streak and bang, final stander gets you.

The teammates that know Advanced UAV is up but they run right next to you and other players, regardless of whether or not they know you have assasin, why not use ur common sense and stay away from others when uav is up -_-

People who complain about me using mp7 whilst they are using ACR LOOOL
Quick facts for you: ACR -> Most accurate fully auto assault rifle, lowest recoil weapon in the game, fastest reloading weapon in the game and has good range being an AR.. Now you tell me whats more over-powered, im actually sick of ppl using acr.

Here ends my rant of the kind of players i hate

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Exactly everything you just said.

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I hate the self-titled 'Good Players'.  Because if you don't play the game their way, they belittle your style, resort to insults and generally whine about how MW3 caters to garbage players.   If you were really any 'good' you'd have no problems whatsoever compensating to any so-called catering.  You're THAT GOOD remember!!!!

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The copycats. In one match i'll be using a gun that's under use like the Fad/m16/model (mostly model -.-) And as soon as the next match starts someone on the other team is using the exact same weapon i just used to destroy his/her team in the last match.It makes me mad to the point that i'll switch back to the class i used last game and go all out to give the other team a hard time.

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I generally don't hate other players. I think some play "cheap" but typically those methods have one thing going for them-they work.

If there is any class of player I actually hate, its the glitchers/exploiters. I don't understand the cheating mentality, and it pisses me off that they wasted my time by doing that stuff in the game I'm in.

As for the rest of the "types" mentioned herein-no problems here. You want to QS or drop shot-ok with me. Spam a striker? Go right ahead. I didn't pay for your copy of the game so you play how you want. And expect me to do the same.

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