What Kind of Player Do You Hate?

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I want to know what style of player pisses you off. And i'm not just talking about generic campers either.

I hate going up against a team of players in Domination who do nothing but use Extreme Conditioning + Quickdraw Pro + Steady Aim Pro with Tac Inserts. They keep rushing you, not caring how many times you kill them, until they kill you while you're reloading. Then they tac inside of the flag area and do nothing but ads the doorway/hallway for the rest of the game. If you kill them, they just poop out another tac and rush you some more. I still can't believe that these people can beat a team that's actually good by Zerging. I don't think that it's a cheap tactic, but I prefer actual strategy over mindless rushing.

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The kind that steals my profile picture, oh wait. Lol, just kidding.

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I can't stand the guy that camps in the most irrelevant spot on domination with a hb sensor. Then goes back to the same spot after finally getting smoked out of his hole. I hate the hb sensor, always have too!

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The kind that somehow "snipes" you with the MP7 all the way across the map with 3 bullets...

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MP7 takes 5 bullets to kill at range unless you were already hurt/ it was hardcore

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Somehow I've been sniped 3/4 across the map with a MP7. BS

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I hate teammates more than anything. There isn't really anything an enemy is going to do that I'm not going to be able to counter rather quickly. Teammates are the absolute worst though. I don't know how many games I play where the game is literally two minutes in and somebody is already 0-10 and yet they continue to run into death over and over.

Or the people that seem to go completely out of their way to NOT play the objective. I want to reach through my TV and choke somebody everytime I jump on B by myself and a guy just either sits there and watches me try to solo cap until I die, or acts like he's going to cap the flag but runs right through it like Leeroy Jenkins.

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My own friends are guilty of this.  I just got in to an argument with a friend who claimed we lost the lead because he walked away for a second.  Mind you he finished the game with 1 capture and 20~ kills on domination.  I had to explain to him AGAIN how scoring works, your kills aren't helping us win, neither is your lack of ambition in capturing.

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But seriously, there are only two main types that annoy me. The people who camp their spawn in Search and Destroy, and those who use a Riot Shield with Slieght of Hand Pro and FMG9 Akimbos.

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Jeez this thread is going to have a lot of QQ. The only people I dont like are the split-screeners.

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