What Kind of Player Do You Hate?

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can i just add the players that push past in tight corridors/stairwells and end up getting the both of you killed due to there disrespect and no common sense.

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I usually hate my random team mates.

And I hate true objective players in Dom lol well I hate it when I'm against them but love it when there on my team.

When I'm up against people that ain't bothered about kd or ks and just cap flags it makes me have to go all out to cap them back lol so my high ks don't happen and I get killed a lot on flags lol

It's not really hate lol but they screw my game up lol as I have to work hard lol

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Those people who sit at no/first prestige level 80 just for gold guns, or they aren't good enough to do good while prestiging

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I just hate try-hards, and there seem to be more of them by the day

I came across someone yesterday who was using an MP7 silenced as his main weapon, dual FMG9's as his secondary, and final stand as his deathstreak..

Oh, and I also hate people who take offence from you killing them and so they spend the entire game chasing after you. Eugh

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Here's a tip why don't you be so un try hard lol do unnoobish and use

Just the m60

Secondary handgun


Blast shield and marksman

Tactical insertion and frag lol

Unless you use that your a try hard.

People use what they want

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Players who constanly run around all maps,big or small with those damned akimbos and shotguns,

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I hate players who feel the need to send you a message, complaining about what gear you are using, telling you how terrible you are, ect all because you killed them or beat them. Its also funny but it can get annoying.

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Everybody, I hate everybody.

Upper hand lag

Phinal Standers.

Noob Tubes.

Drop shotters.

Quick Scopers.

No Scoopers.
Half Scopers.
Quarter Scoopers.

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Quick scopers - hard scope doesn't bother me, but quick scoping is a cheap exploit.

Drop Shotters - usually the try hards that are K/D whores and afraid to die. I could careless if I die in obj games I care about the Win more than my K/D. Even in TDM I don't drop shot.

Campers - I love the excuse I'm not camping I'm patrolling, which usually consists of staying in the same room just going from corner to corner, or window to window in rotation for the entire game.

Noob tubing - if that's all you do 99% of the game.

Not playing the Obj - Objective games are that for a reason, to complete the objective. If you're going to go for kills only go play free for all or TDM.

Dome - none stop flash banging and nadea.

Spawn trappers - a cheap and easy way to win. Of course you have. Better chance to win if you know what general direction the enemy team is coming from the entire game

Last but not least, when you're playing an enemy team and beat them 10-15 games in a row. They beat you once then talk trash about how bad you suck. Really?

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I dont like playing with Cocky Players. Here is the deal. If you dont get paid to play this game, and it isnt your way of making a living, then how good you are dont mean Jack. Everyone talks this and that about K/D and W/L. I only care about my W/L. I primarily play HCSND and there are tons of cocky players on that game mode. My K/D is .902, but my W/L is 1.10

I play the objective to a T. I dont care if some guy that thinks he is the gift to the COD world is on the other teams and has 18 kills and 3 deaths. What I care about is winning. That is all that matters. Always gonna be good players and bad players, but it shouldnt be determined over a stat. I also pretty much am a lone wolf player. I have played in a party 2 times over the past 2 mths.

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