What Kind of Player Do You Hate?

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Portable Radar spammers .Use your eyes ya nub you've turning the whole lobby into assassin users who are now sound whoring aswell just to teach you a lesson till you back out because your crutch is no longer working.I swear i counted 8 potable radars on dome in domination today.

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The kind of player who uses blind eye and Carrys a stinger but don't shoot down the fucin helicopter or the player who thinks he some kind of FaZe quick scooper and goes 9-17

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Also rage quitters I was playing a game of Dom with my party and one dude died 2 times in a row and bam he's offline cmon

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I hate 2 kinds of players. The players that use Blindeye and don't even carry a Stinger and the players that camp in the most empty part of the map like in the bottom left corner of the map on Outpost.

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People who use FMG9s and Quickscope.

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i use both , sometimes on the same class. purely out of boredom tho kd took a beating learning to QS aswell but who care. all fun eh?

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players on hc that destroy your stuff!

before ricochet, teammates that kill you for your care package!

players that push you and somehow get in front of you to take tags that is only 5 feet away from you in kc and we both get killed because of it!!

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I HATE when you are facing a whole team of guys who are all "rushers" and all run together - especially when none of them are "great" but you keep dying because you get the 1st guy, the 2nd guy is right behind him you get him too, you get 3rd guy, have to reload 4th guy gets you.

They never stop coming so you just don't have a chance to regroup/reload, or get killstreaks.

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people that use final stand im sorry but once you hit 100% damage thats it go to sleep dont know how many times ive thought i killed someone in CQC just to find out i got knifed in the ankle lol

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