What Kind of Player Do You Hate?

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Main reason i hate them is cause as soon as i kill one of the two they know exactly where i'm at instantly and kill me when i'm about to get a ac130-.-

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Split screeners.

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Killwhores, in Objective games...

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objective killwhores

people who refuse to play the objective 

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Those that cry about how others have chosen to play the game and do not realize there is a simple solution and its called leaving the match and marking the entire team as avoid.

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I was just going to say something like that.

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anyone on my team who doesn't actively try to play the objective.  I don't care if you're rubbish, so long as you're gonna jump on a flag and help cap it and do your best to get the W.  I don't mind taking a loss if it's a case of we just got outplayed by the better team, but it's such a pain trying to win a game of dom when you're the only one on the team trying to cap and defend.

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those who dont play the objective no matter what

ballistic vest spammers


those who always try to make excuses for why you beat them so badly

those who cant take a death

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I hate QS, because it is unreal and it is not a real sniping, also machine pistols akimbo (overpowered), mp7 and acr with no recoil, and shity lag compensation ( you are dead long before you see your enemy, that's so sily)

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I might complain about how they killed me or how they are playing but in the end, if it helps me to win a match or to get an objective IM going to do the same thing.

I love campers when i play objective games and tdm. I use them as a marker, i know if they die i know where the enemies are coming from. If they camp and watch the objective they usually got my back as i get the objective or get sweet revenge on the guy that killed me.

I also love objective kill whores. As they are killing IM going for the objective and i do not really have to worry about the enemies as i go for the objective.

Quickscopers i got nothing to say about them i like them and hate them. Most of them do run around. If i could quickscope i would.

Split screen players they can be good or bad depends on the game mode. Most of them stay together anyway. I my self play split screen some time on any game mode when my nephew comes over. Not bragging but we are pretty good when we split screen. He never played on a video game system till black ops and even then he would go 17-8 running around.

But all play styles have their goods and bads.

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