What are your bad COD Habits??

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My worst habit is not panic knifing. I've played on tactical ever since Waw where the melee was pretty awful. That carries through to now where even if the enemy is close enough my first instinct is to shoot and not knife. The default class should've always been the tactial layout. Hopefully BO2 is changing the melee to be a 2 slash kill with the knife unless there is some equipment or perk that enables a slash kill. I hope it's done right, if not it will be a huge misstep for Treyarch.

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Just being too good . . . . . . i joke i kid . . . . . . im marvelous haha

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I reload to quickly.  I can't tell you how many times I have put the proper amount of bullets into a guy to kill him then reloaded only to have him drop into final stand and kill me...frustrating as hell but it's completely my fault lol

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Getting pissed and going the same way every time.

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Haha guys, looks like my reloading habit cost me a MOAB.  1 kill short, had enough bullets for 1-2 more guys, didn't know i was 1 off though and knew they were spawning all around me.  S&*^*!!!

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your bad habit is camping and dont care about the objective ... spawn killing is unfair and unsuportive conduct ...i just hate ppl that loves to destroy the fun of this game ..

PLAY by THE RULES stop that is not fun ...

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huh?  In that video I capped C, when did I spawn Kill?  Do you even know what Spawn Killing is?  Shaking my head at some of the ppl on this forum.

Play by the rules?  What did I do that wasn't playing by the rules lol..the weirdness of some of you people man.  I was playing solo, no spawn killing at all.

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reloading its always been my down fall in fps

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im 1 and 2 i defintinly need to be more carful and yes i reload when i only shot 2 bullets

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1. Forgetting to dropshot in CQC. I get too cocky with my reflexes and aim and I often engage them head on.

2. Strafing to the right and then to the left. I would have survived if I kept strafing to the right.

3. I reload too often even with Extended Mags on.

4. I have a strong urge to attack their spawn and cause it to flip in Core TDM.

5. I often go to areas where I don't have team mates.

6. I often use my gun on situations where a knife is better suited.

7. I get too aggressive attacking them when I have my AH6 out.

8. Forgetting to pre-fire around the corner when I'm certain of my opponents location. I used to pre-fire more often.

9. Failing  to use my headset to my advantage.

10. I often forget to lay my Bouncing Betty or Claymore.

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