What are your bad COD Habits??

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Reloading after every kill.

I don't do it as much anymore but it happens.

(thanks alot active reload -.-)

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Learning how to dropshot and doing it all the time!!!

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staying in a game even though i have a poor connection = no fun at all

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I'm really bad at being impatient, especially when things aren't going my way.  I keep going the same way, go for revenge kills, etc...just don't slow down.  I'm with you on the grenades, I have no idea why I never attempt to throw it back. 

Another would be forgetting what load out I have(tossing a knife when you thought you had a grenade, or setting equipment when you thought you had flash..stuff like that).  And also forgetting to change classes after taking down a heli...then I forget again and get into a gunfight, switch to secondary only to pull out the Stinger.

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1. Reloading, im not as bad anymore, but every kill i used to reload, which ended up in a LOT of deaths! now i'll try and wait a bit, though i still get caught out.

2. Rushing, im a run and gunner, but sometimes i need to learn to take it a bit slower sometimes and checking corners.

I probably have a LOT more as well! hehe

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I rage at people with graphic/sexual/racist insults for fun and laughs from my team. I never really get angry with CoD anymore. Bad habit since CoD4.

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Like you, I also used to get mad at COD players for various reasons. I started playing COD on PC and I used to get mad at people using macros and other stuff that gives them an advantage. Things changed and now, I don't get mad at anything anymore. I stopped taking things too serious and I find myself enjoying the game a lot more.

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Exactly. The enemy team always wonders why I sound so mad, but i'm doing it for fun.

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I find myself standing still or running straight towards an enemy as I'm shooting way too often,

Along with many others people have mentioned.

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Sad to say.. lately its been MY AIM.

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