What are your bad COD Habits??

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My habit? Throwing my controller. Also, I've successfully pulled off ONE returned gernade throw. I felt like such a pimp.

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My bad habbits are the same as yours.

Im a dedicated Run&Gunner so its the one i hate the most but im too stubborn to change it so i keep charging into the fight and start goin negative( due to campers, no hate guys ) Once i start getting pissed i keep doing it until im, lets say 6-10 or maybe worse. then i start calming myself down goin different routes and eventually i get on a role ending positive.

its the one bad habbit i hate the most.

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Bad Habits I've Broken?

I rarely go for revenge kills anymore, even with how aweful the spawns are, it's tempting to go for the guy who killed you because you spawned near his position. Realisitically it's not worth the kill at all and chances are you'll run into that player again and if you kill him, boom, revenge taken.

Engaging in gunfights that I'll lose. There is no shame in running if you're screen is red or there is more than one enemy and you know you can't take them all down. It's a strange aspect of the CoD community where running away is frowned upon. Probably because the other guy is sore that you wouldn't yield and he lost the easy kill.

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left stick forward and run is my main one, and iv got this habit of throwing grenades and they bounce round and end up coming back to me, iv gave up on stickys just a disaster waiting to happen.

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My Aim and timing i hate when it's off

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Throwing a stickie while lying under my trophy.Shooting a javelin while having a structure overhead.Airstriking myself,stealth bombing myself, C4ing myself,Shooting my own chopper down with a reaper,Flash banging myself,Changing to my secondary in a gun fight wtf its a stinger,.Drowning how come im a elite solider but i cant friggen swim,Sprinting madly to b flag and its tdm. Whoose up for a game lol

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I don't play nearly enough <_<

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Rushing...because of MW2.  But you cannot rush anymore with Extreme Conditioning because you still run out of sprint, just "20" feet further away.  Rushing is useless unless with a shotgun just spamming the trigger as you tear people apart.

PLEASE...have MW2 style Marathon in BO2...PLEASE.

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Reloading after every kill. I get caught out too much, out of a fear of being caught wanting when the clip runs dry.

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I changed my gamertag to mw3andelitesuck when the first dlc content came out cause I hated playing hardcore moshpit but I have since changed it. I love this game!

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