Whats wrong with hardscoping?

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I am new to sniping (only at it a week) and I get s*** for hardscoping. But seriously, who zooms out before the enemy is dead? Are you retarded? I don't know how many quick scopers I took out because they had to zoom back in because they missed the first shot. Quick scoping doesn't seem like a smart way to play.

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Nothing is wrong with sniping...

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because its not ix1337XPrOqUiKsCoPeZxi. they are retarded. ever since IW catered to the minority on QS, more and more people think that the rifle should only be used for that. and they get mad whenever someone uses the rifle the way it was originally used because you got kills with it ADS and they couldnt do that QS.

i had a match on Mission where i used the RSASS with variable zoom and marksman pro. i went 18-1 and the QS on their team went severely negative. then he gave me a bunch of sh*t because i was "hardscoping" the whole time. i just said "yea and who got more kills and went positive?" after that he cussed me out and left.

sorry but i would rather snipe and go positive a majority of the time than QS and go negative all the time.

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It's the only way I snipe but I've never practiced QS long enough to get good at it. But it's like everything else, if your opponent doesn't have an answer for what you are doing, they are going to complain. I had a match the other night where a guy was sniping me across the map. He was good at it and got several kills in on me until I switched to my MP7 so that I could run and kill him without giving up my ability to shoot realiably at a distance. I owned him after that and of course he was raging in the lobby. Bottom line is I play to win. If someone's ego gets hurt because they can't handle what I'm doing then that's just to bad for them. They can work it out with their therapist and I can use the mute button so that I don't have to listen to their crying.

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I play alot of shooters, but I always play run and gun. Front line. I would like to know more about sniping? What gun should I use? what scope? I will try some out myself soon, cause its something new to do and it seems to be what faceoff is all about. I usually do horribly with a sniper. I need to practice. I want to practice with the best loadout. I could search this out. I know that. I'm being lazy right now. lol

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its too hard for the Qscopers

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Its nothing wrong with hardscoping. The sniper is made for hardscoping, But its more exiting to qs

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Sebsson94 wrote:

Its nothing wrong with hardscoping. The sniper is made for hardscoping, But its more exiting to qs

it's about as exciting as watching paint dry

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First off its not hardscoping.  ITS SNIPING

you know, kind of the way the real snipers do it.

Hardscoping is what the CheapScopers call it because

its too hard for them.

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This is proved by the fact that quickscopers gave sniping the name of HARDscoping xD

But in honesty, I don't think people quickscope because real sniping is too hard, I think they do it because they find sniping boring or are too immature to have enough patience to do it.

I agree that a weapon that easily gets one hit kills instantly at any distance is cheap, but branding people 'cheapscopers' kinda makes us as immature as them? People that look for the easy way out or the shortcut will always exist, so rise above it and ignore them

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