Whats your top 3 commentators. and why?

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The funny ones

Elpresador the guys rage is hilarious

kyr sp33dy brilliant funny videos

prisoner36 funny videos

i don't go for the elite look at how many kills i can get while not playing the objective youtubers i can do that no problem i like fun stuff that is what COD is supposed to be FUN

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I agree with Tmart.  He readily admits that he is not the best and does give some decent tips.  It seems like every other video he puts out, I learn something I didn't know before.

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only watch em now and then but when I do its usually


el matador (except the accent)


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Close, I like:




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Close, I like:




bobbya1984 (ign. his stuff is pretty funny, like that he talks about a lot of different stuff)

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Really recommend KYR SP33DY!

Zodiac mentioned his vids and just had a look...Some of the funniest stuff around the way he takes the piss outa people is just brilliant lol...

Great jod SP33DY if you see this

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Yep, I agree. He and Deluxe are pretty hilarious.

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Megan Kelly

Joe Rogan

Ducis Rodgers

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None because they're all money whores... well most are.

I don't watch them that much anymore because it's a completely different play style, there's no point in copying. We are individuals and we play differently, I see them making mistakes that I would instantaneously pick up on and other times I would say the person is a genius.

I don't like gameplay commentaries that much anymore at all. Most new people have this same tone that everyone uses which I find boring because it just lacks personality.

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Exactly!  They all wanna be YouTube famous and other than kids, who really give a ....?  Honestly, other than the professionals (like SOME Machima), the only one I can really stomach is our own Wiggy!!!!!

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