Whats your top 3 commentators. and why?

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shmedlywilcox88 wrote:

Exactly!  They all wanna be YouTube famous and other than kids, who really give a ....?  Honestly, other than the professionals (like SOME Machima), the only one I can really stomach is our own Wiggy!!!!!

Indeed, as Wiggy is the only one that's mentioned that isn't money hungry.

*blows kisses*

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El Matador

Wiggy is No 1 pour moi

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I think the best MW3 videos are from Boo (channel is booman61).  If you're someone who likes the game then his videos are the best.

There are a few other channels I subscribe to and watch, but none really worth noting.

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WB7th, Wickedshrapnel and Sandy Ravage

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Dying Soldier, Sandy Ravage, the Mark of J, and Fistdacuffs (he uploads my clans vids every now and then)

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Chris Smoove is pretty funny. Although lately he's been telling way too many stories that aren't that funny or interesting.

Ali-A. No cursing, Just great gameplay, and who doesn't like a British accent?!?

TMartn. Helpful and not obnoxious.

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I would say Ali-A for great gameplay and information, and mrmazzlebazzle cuz the guy is good and he RAGES and it's funny as heck.

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Woodysgamertag murkadurka syndicate

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Why waste your time watching somebody else play a video game? I just don't get it....

Love life does not exist for those who tape themselves playing video games.

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My favorite commentators of teh forumz:

Reaper - He a great failure that can cut you slack at any moments notice, but like double sided blade, he's always right there to put in his 2 cents.

DanielWW2 - I can tell you why I like him with a question. Have you ever seen this dude fly a HIND?

Pictureholder - This guy is just great with BBQ's and camping trips high up in the mountains when no one else is around.

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