Whats your top 3 commentators. and why?

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They all suck.

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and...I lost my third one.

Because, well...they built this city! They built this city on rock and roll.

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Yeah would of proberbly put the same 3, well 2 now.

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ONS1AUGH7 - Love the challenge series, especially Kingpin. Oh Gawh!

WoodysGamertag - Funny guy and PKA is a good time

F1sTDaCuFFs - Skilled gamer, plus he doesn't look or sound like a guy who usually plays COD

ELPRESADOR - It’s damn funny when he outs racists, hackers and assholes (His Kid’s voice) "My daddy's a YouTube commentator... youuuurrrr gonna regret it!"

It would be awesome to see these guys team up for a Challenge Series, add TmarTn and B3NDRO for the full party.

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Best commentator out there by far my opinion though!

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