Where i send booster evidence now?

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i used to sent it by PM to BanCandy, but now where i send it here?

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If you've encountered someone who has violated the Modern Warfare 3 Online Code of Conduct, be it in game or via ELITE, please pass this information along to BanCandy orBanStache. If you encountered someone in game, please report them there too via the in-game mechanics to cover all bases.

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REALLY??? I have sent both pm's about a booster I recorded showing 67 straight tac up kills and also sent a tweet to IWEnforcers and nothing has been done. This is now 2 weeks since the first. Have any more suggestions because things are not getting done. I'm not the only one complaining about this. I know they are busy but little rediculous?

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Honestly, I don't concern myself with gaining a response. I file a report in game and send a PM/Email like most other gamers. I then carry on playing the game.

I'm sure that it is a long process line, but justice will be done eventually.

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