Why Do i Suck.?

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I have 32 M.O.A.Bs.

I have all the shotguns over 3000 kills each.(ecept the models it suck)

The only time i use the type 95 is when i play infected.

I use all the lmgs when nobody else does.I incourage new players to play with shotguns to have the feel of the map and how other players work them(ie.camping,rushing),I hardscope when i need to.I play the game like an above average player.I am rank in top 1000 free for all players(was 422 at one point).
I have a positive win/loss and kill/death.

I never used the portable radar.

I also dont use the assult or support that much only Specialist.

But somehow i am bad at this game because i  dont play a certain way.I get call a hacker.

i get call a hardscope douche.

Some one told me that shotgun were for p**sy's.
They told me to quickscope because that will make me good.

I also find it funny that the MSR is the number 1 most used shotgun. LOL

Someone tell me why.

For proof look at me psn id vicko164 on elite

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Maybe people wouldn't call you a douche if you weren't sitting here bragging about your stats while making a useless thread.  People are dumb. I answered your question...you and I both know that and you only made this thread for attention.


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Everyone talks stuff in this game. People rage with they lose, and vent on whoever pissed them off the most. The better you are in game, the more people you're probably making mad. People complain about snipers, shotgunners, large clans, campers, running gunners using dual FMGs and everything else that makes them lose a game. Can't make them stop complaining as long as you're winning. Easiest way to deal with them is to mute (in game), block (in the PS3 settings, so they can't spam you with mail) and find a better lobby.

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In addition, grow a thicker skin. It's a game, and anyone talking smack can be shut down. Beat their butt twice as hard next game.

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People complain for stupid reasons.  Just ignore it and continue to win.

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Agreed about the model & I agree with the first poster.

Anyway Qsers aka pre-teens will say anything to feel good / better about themselves. I guess people say you suck because you play ffa mainly, it generally only has 1 maybe two good players as it's very easy to noob pick games in. Better & experienced players generally mainly play team (objective) games, getting a high w/l is very hard in ffa though especially if you don't quit a challenging lobby. Imo the numbers 2 & 3 shouldn't get a loss nor win in a game mode where just 1 guy can win out of 8 I believe, but I guess that would make it a bit too easy to get high win streaks in

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Im not quiet sure if your looking for recognition on this forum, because what others say should not matter at all. Play YOUR game, win / lose either way no name calling will change that, unless you allow it!

Any player who is secure with his/her gaming style should receive name calling, if you don't then consider yourself bad.

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of our training"
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I feel that you came on here to brag about your above average stats as you could have got your point across by just posting the last 7 lines of your thread. The why do i suck title is misleading as well,as i clicked on it expecting some below average gamer to ask for tips on how to improve, but instead got a rundown of your superior stats,

If you are as good as you claim, then why not ignore the haters who are jealous because you are better than them.

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"I have 32 M.O.A.Bs."

Why not call them in then?

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