Why does AIM ASSIST exist?!?!?!?!?!?


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half-megatron wrote:

I want a real answer!

maccabi has the correct answer

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i don't see why this is menial or absurd. if it helps new players learn the game and get some kills, cool, i support that thinking. regarding sniper rifle exploiters that exploit the aim assist to "quickscope" i think it needs to be removed or at least disabled for snipers.

you shouldn't be able to "lock on" to someone with a OHK weapon. you shouldn't be able to lock on or "get a hint" to where an enemy is by feeling a "tug" in your aim BEHIND WALLS OR BUILDINGS. THAT is absurd.

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I agree, I just don't think that new players need a learning curve for 800 levels.

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As ironic as this sounds; aim assist is NEEDED on consoles, controllers are no where near as reliable or accurate as a mouse for aiming, even the most skilled CoD players would have a hard time playing without it since the thumbsticks would never be accurate enough to end up on target.

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I turn off aim assist - I don't like my sight pulled toward a target.

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Yeah when your aiming up close and a enemy runs accross in the distance and your gun starts moving off your real target? GAY!

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I believe its just more COD socialism. Like death streaks, we reward people that cant aim with something that will do it for them.

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All console FPS games have aim assist for the reason Maccabi pointed out, it has been very strong in a few COD's now.

Normally it justs slows the aim down over a potential target.......

Turning it off normally means dumbing it down and not removing it completely.

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No need for it, because a controller lack the accuracy of a mouse doesn´t mean we must have aim assist. I think longrange kills should be hard to perform no magical lock. I think that might even force some campers to move around more to get their kills.

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Yeah I never had long range problems in Socom days, and there is definetly no aim assist.

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