Why does AIM ASSIST exist?!?!?!?!?!?


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Socom on console definitely does have aim assist, probably a bit more subtle.

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As stated above, the real reason is due to the lack of precision that console controllers can provide. It is absurdly difficult to try and land shots when aim-assist is not there.

The best example I can give is in Halo 3 multiplayer. You can experience lack of aim-assist by trying to shoot your teammates, as friendly fire is always on in that game. So long as they aren't standing still, you find that it is extremely difficult to keep all shots on target long enough for them to drop. And this is at extreme close range. At longer ranges, it'd be completely impossible.

Yes, auto-assist can screw you at times but you'd never even try to play the game if auto-assist was always disable on consoles.

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I just dont understand why it would be for that reason. It doesnt center on the guy. It slightly drags them on the edges of your crosshairs if they run buy or fall within a certain distance of your crosshairs. I still beleive its so the less accurate can compete at all.

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If it centered directly onto the guy, the game would just be aiming for you. What auto-assist does is effectively "locks" onto the target, allowing to get your aim steadied and put down the shots.

What is happening when the crosshairs drag, as you say, is the auto-assist kicking on, and locking onto that potential target, so that you can then aim and get your iron sights on target.

And while it does help the less accurate, it still doesn't do all the work for them. They still need proper aim, and those players with better aim will do better anyway. It helps all console players good and bad actually attempt to enjoy the game, rather than just randomly firing over distances and hoping that maybe a bullet or two will hit the target. Aim-assist is definitely there for a tangible reason.

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It is and has been for some time very strong in COD and yes this is one of the reasons COD is easy to play and allows for fast gameplay as players spend less time aiming.

It also makes Quickscoping possible which is a feature in this game, another reason for the extremely strong aim assist.

But generally aim assist was introduced because of the lack of sensitivity in the controller, it is present in all console FPS's and as I said early it's supposed to just slow the aim down over an enemy not "lock on" to it.

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I think you should go play one of the previous cods and disable aim assist and see how well you do. I bet you cant hit the broad side of a barn. Aim assist is your friend.

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next time someone says "you cant hit the broad side of a barn" tell them "thats because I was too busy hitting the broad side of your mom" bonus points if you can tell me where that came from

on topic---yeah aim assist helps a lot in cod fpses, I use it to track enemies through walls

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Aim assist has in some form or another been in all fps games online on consoles. The controler is not near as precise as the mouse can be for aiming. though it is just as precise as the keyboard for momement until the sticks begin to wear out.

With out aim assit and other other mechanisms used in the game that fall under the same general heading like bullet magnetism it would be very hard to play the game at long ranges. It would take actuall true knowledge and ability to aim a gun properly to hit your target and predict and follow them as they moved about the map. Most average gamers do not have this ability because they never fired a real gun in their life. So most average gamers would not be able to hit anyone beyond 20 feet out if that person was moving.

This would make the game become very hard to play for the average gamer and make it not fun, and it is fun that generates most of the sales in these games and not aiming ability or the challenge of getting better at aiming.

The issue comes in when the developer adjusts aim assit and bullet magnetism to be too forgiving in the game making a shot that is 1-2 inches away from the player still register as a hit when they are moving. But by doing this they make getting kills easier and make the game funner for the average player. And since it is fun that sells these games more then any true challenge, that is what many developers chose to do.

After all they are in the business to make as most money as they can first, then everything else second. Never let anyone tell you differently. Nor should you ever think or believe differently. Otherwise they would be willing to take more then just one year or two to make these games and test them better to make sure they have less problems upon release. Its all about the marketing and making as much money as possible each new game.

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So garbage kids can abuse it & "quickscope" because they lack the skill to do anything else.

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I just want the option to turn it off like in blops. I get screwed over by it anytime there are multiple targets.

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