Why is it COD 4 runs the best

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robsstang wrote:

COD4 runs better because - No Lag Compensation (that I know of), No Theatre Mode and No Split Screeners.

My opinion.

CoD4 had lag compensation. All FPS games have lag compensation.

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Couldn't have been much - if you were host you were guaranteed to RAPE !!

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I am not sure what you mean by "much"

lag compensation is lag compensation (although there are different algorithms and philosophies...maybe that has changed?)

The same lag compensation algorithm will have different effects to the user as the lag increases... it is reasonable to think that the issues are increased lag, and not lag compensation in itself.

Which brings us back to the original question: Why the hell is there so much lag between players???!!! (the answer is possibly in the question, among other crap that is going on)

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if split screen does play a part in it then it should be gone i hate playing people on split screen anyway, you kill 1 then the other tw@t comes straight for ya its like a 2 on 1 fight which is never fair.

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You only remember the good parts of CoD4 because its been so long since it was the main CoD title you were playing at the time. You forget all the stupid perks (Fragx3, Last Stand, Martydom, Jugg) and only remember the good things. You forget that it and every other FPS known to man had lag comp, and lagged a fair amount.

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no i actually played cod 4 today for a while and thats why i put this post on, it runs a heck of alot better

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