Why is spotting UAVs so difficult?

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Hi all

I have been a regular player of CoD starting CoD3.

I never had issues in spotting UAVs and shooting them down. I like to do that because specifically in MW3 - it counts towards kill streak and also that I run a hardline.

But I find it very difficult to spot UAVs in MW3. Now if in MW3 getting a UAV is child play, spotting/shooting it down should be equally easy.

Does any one else feel that UAVs are either too small or too hard to spot. In BOps getting a UAV wasnt necessarily this easy, but one could still shoot it down.

Am I missing anything here? Is there an easier way of spotting UAVs? Should IW fix this? Let me know what you guys think abt it?

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As someone who assists the team by taking down UAV's & Air Support, I have to agree that spotting UAV's is very difficult.

Normally I'm spinning in 360's just to look for it until I get killed once I finally find it.

You aren't missing anything, they're just difficult to spot. All I can say is hope an enemy player doesn't spawn behind you while you're looking for the UAV.

Personally, I would have allowed a perk like Sitrep Pro or Blind Eye Pro to highlight the UAV in red for easy detection to take down UAV's.

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Agree with this 100%. Stinger was the first gear I unlocked.

Nothing more frustrating then searching for a UAV for 10 - 20 seconds only to get shot in the back cause your spinning circles looking in the sky. Less clouds, bigger UAVs, stinger could have a proficiency that highlights it in red, they could fly closer to middle of map so they do not get blocked by buildings, trees, etc... There is alot of things they could do to make it easier to shoot them down. this would stop alot of the UAV spam, and probably less people would use assassin if UAVs were more easily shot down.

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