Why is the mp7 used by all the n00bs?

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LMAO says the QS'er.  This is an arcade game but you must already know that.

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Man, I started the first sentence and already can't stand your rant lol.  "try hard".. that dosen't even mean anything, just stupid childish "internet lingo" that has no meaning other then in CoD.  So what if people use the mp7?  It's a good gun and it's IN THE GAME for EVERYONE to use as they see fit.

So what, people should use other guns they may not be good with so you can kill them easier?  lol, I love the logic around here sometimes.  Guns kill people, the point of this game is to kill other people and try to come out on top, so why is it there are ok guns and not ok guns?  Or there are ok ways to kill people and not ok ways?  Seriously?  So many damn cry babies around here it's sick.

If it bothers you that much just quit, very simple.

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Well said man. Ive been thinking the same thing ever since i recently started coming to the forums and only seeing threads that are just little kids crying about how they died in the game so they say it should be nerfed or fixed. Out of all the bullsh*t ways i die and get killed, i still like this game and play all the time. Thats what the "leave game" option is for.

nickpeck36 wrote:

Man, I started the first sentence and already can't stand your rant lol.  "try hard".. that dosen't even mean anything, just stupid childish "internet lingo" that has no meaning other then in CoD. 

Dont even get me started with this internet slang sh*t. It drives me f*ckin crazy haha. Pwn, noob, tryhard, random, scrub, its all retarded nonsense!

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@iGotBombKush  (not sure why I hit reply and it's sending this down as it's own post. love these forums sometimes lol)

I'm right there with ya man.  I have said it 100 times and it's just how it is, if someone kills you in this game they are a cheater, hacker, glitcher, ect....  Everyone dies in this game, period.  I just love reading/listening to rants about this game.  "oh he's sitting in a corner.... camper blah blah", so what?  If that's how that guy likes to play then so what?  Are you smart enough to counter his "play style"?

So then comes in all of the made up terms to go with how people suck because they play a certain way or use certain guns.  IF IT'S IN THE GAME, USE IT.  I don't give an F how I kill you, I will use ANYTHING in the game to kill you as that's what all of it is there for.  There is no right or wrong way to kill someone lol, honestly.

I enjoy the game, I'm not the best but I have been getting better (I love the xbox and prefer it but for some reason I'm better on the ps3, go figure) and TRY to improve and play smart.  But most of all I try to have fun, however to have fun I usually have to mute out most other players because I can't stand hearing people cry about how they just died.  Just hit the damn respawn button and try again....

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Hahaha you said it perfect. Don't play the game if you don't like it. But they always do and they keep on complainig. If its in the game ..use it if it helps you win.

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At least it's better then MW2 when people said they were gonna go try hard they pulled out a Intervention to QS. Really?

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I hate this game; All the guns are OP!!! OP I tell ya! OP!!!!

Except, they're not OP when I use them, but when I lose a gun battle, and die from the enemies weapon, they're OP. I'm tired of getting shot by the enemy using guns. Why can't they just run around with squirt guns and I get to use whatever weapon I want so I can feel like a BEAST!?

The other day I got stuck by semtex, which is obviously OP. Panic knifing is OP, as is flashbangs and the trophy system.

In fact, everything is OP unless I am using them. Because when I use weapons I'm a BEAST, when you use weapons they're OP. /sarcasm

I love how a guy with the username, "iiPr0xSnip3x" is whining about OP weapons. I'm 100% sure that he takes advantage of the most OP exploit in the game: Quickscoping.

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i agree with the person who says if you cant beat em join em!!! i happen to love the MP7 for the simple fact it works best for me. i hate quickscopers and rpg users too, but best believe if they snipe or use launchers lol im gonna too. by far am i beast at this game but i think the ultimate problem with it is people take it way to serious. until you get paid for playing it, learn to relax a little. its about fun, not life or death

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i use whatever gun i am comfortable with. i would assume most do to. i'll venture off and use other guns to try and rank them up, but if i'm not having fun, then i go back to whatever i'm comfortable with. there is no nefarious intent on my part to try and use the noobiest weapon. i just use whatever i can kill the most people with while attaining my objectives. because to me, that is fun. people that think a person is a loser for using this weapon or that weapon... needs to realize that your opinion isn't fact or law. it's just your opinion.

i don't understand peoples problems with what other people use. if someone is killing you from across the map, maybe you should try and use some cover. the mp7 is made to be a bridge between smgs and assault rifles. it performs how it was made to perform. i'm not seeing the problem. things are more popular because they are better performing, or better looking, or a combination of the two.

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Oh, i KEEP my mp7 class really close.  just like i do my noob tube class.  I play whatever game they want to play.  If they want to rush with shotties, i bring out my type 95 class, they want to mp7 me to death, i mp7.  Heck last night i had a guy in a clan go off on me because i was using my tac insert in HC kc, so he says i had no skill, mean while hes hiding behind everything known to man, radar staring chucking c4 at all of us......You do what works.  And like i have said, i dont care about anything but the win.

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