Why is the mp7 used by all the n00bs?

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Its not the arrow its the indian.

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I really like that saying - Incredible!

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iiPr0xSnip3z wrote:

The mp7 can outgun anything at close range.

This is not so. Shotguns, and the pp90m1/pm-9 (as well as quickscopers, LOL) outgun the mp7 at close range quite frequently.

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meh. they can use what they want. In the end, they will die and i will win. End of true story.

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Focus on improving your own skills and strategy, don't wory about what guns others are using.

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It is obvious you have been nailed by the kids who are on holiday at the moment.

I know it is frustrating sometimes when it happens but just swap lobbies!

Those guns used to frustrate the hell out of me. I then thought if you cannot beat them, join them!

Now my skills have improved I find it a challenge to go up against these players, you soon learn their weaknesses and you exploit them!

Most people who use MP7's PP90's etc etc become overconfident in their guns power and run around the place like idiots. Take your time, patrol an area and take em out...

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I disagree, Start a discussion, appears to be used more so by noobs these days.

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funny question coming from a kid who's "name" is the 10,000th version of "pro snipez yo"....grow up. plain and simple. There's an even bigger fan base out there that want little jackass QS douches like you out of the game as well. We'll play our way, you play yours, which lately of course is hiding with a tact insert and QSing the objectives and STILL being on the bottom of the leaderboard. YES, I use the MP7 quite often, but I use all the others to get the XP as well. You're just pissed because you got outgunned in a few matches. by the same mp7. Deal with it and move on, maybe find some private QS lobbies.....we won't miss you.

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There are more players using the PP90 than the MP7, and the PP90 drops the MP7 in a shootout. Those guns you mentioned are being used in every game so nerfing any weapon will just create new ones that will be identified as 'overpowered'.

As the saying goes, if you can't beat them, then join them. But it is not all about the weapons in this game, it's also about strategy, out flank or move with caution so that those happy MP7 run and gunners will be neutralized.

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First of all, the MP7 is inferior at close range. PM-9 certainly has a better time to kill, and so do the PP90, P90, probably the UMP, and I think the mp5 is only slightly worse.

The MP7 is a gun for people who can't control their engagements. It's inferior at close range to shotguns and other SMG's, and inferior at medium ranges to assault rifles.

I like how you complain about a whole class of weapons is overpowered: newflash, SMG's are supposed to be dominant at close range. Why don't you try a shotgun? One shot kill with most of them.

This game has always been about the same people using the same weapons. People are naturally going to be attracted to guns with low recoil and dominance in many ranges of combat. As an avid gun switcher, all guns have their advantages and you just have to explore and use these advantages. NERFING (not buffing) is not the answer.

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