Why is the mp7 used by all the n00bs?

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Folks can use what they want. Just practice and get good at killing and winning its that easy.

I don't care want others use I care what tools I use. For the record its an Mk14.

I like the 14 as it kills FMG, SMG, ARs, SGs, snipers, air spam, tubes et al....get the picture?

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MP7 is unlocked at level 74. So you can't be a real Noob anymore at that point can you?

I started with the UMP until it reached level 30. Now im using the pp90 and when that hits 30 or maybe Gold and i'm level 74 i'm going to use the MP7.

Just because i like SMG's. Is that noobish?

I am terrible with the AR. Used them in MW2 and was okay. In MW3 is suck with them. Cant snipe or shotgun anyone. So i tried the UMP and named the class "Finally Fun".

I finally killed a guy got a small streak. So was over the moon. And love the game.

So stop complaining about people who play the game for fun and use the gun that gives them the most fun and kills.

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In the words of the bard

"you talkin' to me."

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I unashamedly use the MP7. To the OP...Why would i not use all tools available to me? dont you? Hate the trerm "tryhard"........i try hard every game i play,do you not?

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Wow i am officially a noob, lol i use the MP7 for certain maps, its a great little subby, you wanna talk about noobs try complaining about those playing with the all spraying shotguns, no need to aim with those boys,just point and spray,

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lol nooo the noobs are the guys gettng killed by the same gun time and time again and running to there mummys and the forum to cry about them. all guns have a counter if you get killed switch class and try again

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riiiiiiight. shotgun are so compareable to the SMGs, cuz shotguns can kills people across the map right? no......just 15 feet in front of me before the shells vanish. MP7 losers who complain about shotguns make me laugh.

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so the mp7, the pp, the acr and fmgs are noob guns?

I can understand the hate towards the fmg's but come really, the acr might be easiest assault for recoil but it's rate of fire and damage is nothing special. The mp7 is unlocked fairly late, so if prestige the first chance you get, you don't have it that long. And the pp's recoil is terrible. It might have a good rate of fire but the range and recoil makes that gun almost close quarter only.

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P90 Owns All.

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Dude, i sometimes get f*cked up when im using the mp7. I dont know what youre talkin about..

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