Why you're lagging more in Modern Warfare 3 than any other Call of Duty (Warning: Wall of Text!)

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Note: Before reading this thread I recomend visting the Black Ops II forum and reading "Lag Explained". It details all you need to know about lag and lag compensation: community.callofduty.com/thread/200493581

The average internet speed globally has declined over the past year by 14%. Most countries are seeing a massive increase in the need for internet access, and while this is good for commerce it is impossible for internet service providers to meet the demands of so many. Because of this the bandwidth allocated to each customer is becoming tighter and tighter. Below are the top 5 countries and there Quarter on Quarter change:

Results show are for Quarter 4 2011
South Korea - 17.5mb/s +4.7%
Japan - 9.1mb/s +2.3%
Hong Kong - 9.1mb/s -14%
Netherlands - 8.2mb/s -3.2%
Latvia - 7.8mb/s -12%

As you can see from above, some countries that have the highest connection speeds don't engage in much online gaming (minus Japan). For most of you, you haven't a clue where any of these countries are located on a map. And for others you're probably thinking; "Is Hong Kong the country located South of Australia?" So allow me to elaborate more on what the above mean

Free market countries are being strangled by the high demands of internet access that's needed by most everyday devices. Most of the countries at the top of this list (including those I have not provided) are not free market countries. In some of these non free market countries only the privileged have access to the internet, and you thought being amoung 99% was bad. This leaves surplus of internet not only dropping prices but also allowing for more quanity.

The United States is currently ranked 13th on this list (5.8mb/s -5.3%). Britain and Australia sit just below the US with 4.9mb/s and Canada at 5.6mb/s. What this means is that MW3's higher demanding needs are being met with lower connection speeds internationally. So while most of you are babbling about wanting some extra bling-bling in your video games, reality is smacking you in the face with less means to function them.

To make matters worse the average household of four has 10 devices connected to the internet at a time (households of two have 7). Most of which remain on 24/7, so regardless of whether or not the device is in use it will still consume bandwidth. This means that the 1mb/s connection required for most (CoD requires more) online gaming is being rivaled by 9 other devices trying to use the internet

To make matters even worse the gaming engine that MW3 is running on is also massively outdated. MW2 was the last upgrade using IW 4.0 engine. While there have been improvements to the gaming engine since it's introduction in 2009 they were mostly for allowing better graphics, hindering the networking and doing more harm than good

So where does this leave us; connection speeds are on a major decline while the number of household electronics requiring internet access is up 37%. Call of Duty is using outdated engines that are making the situation worse and there's no signs of improvements

Good new is Black Ops II is rumored to place the game on the IW 3.0 engine. Yes, they're going backwards. However, Treyarch claims that massive improvements have been made to this engine (we'll see about that)


I tried posting them but I kept getting an error. If you really want to know message me

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Good informative post. Thanks..

Well we can only hope that Black ops 2 provides better more consistant online gaming, most people buy the game for the online play and MW3 is probably by far the most annoying and frustrating game i have ever played..

A lot of people i know myself included upgraded their internet provider shortly after this game came out only to find it made little or no difference to how it played.

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Good post , with solid information ...... the only country i didnt know where was is Latvia  LOL

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I'm trying not to look it up, but I think it's in Eastern Europe

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It is eastern europe, was part of the old USSR i think

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It's a very interesting point you bring up ghamorra.  I know I live in a 2 person household and we have only 4 items tied to our connection.  PS3, Laptop, and 2 smart phones. 

Now with the introduction of smart TV's, there is just another electronic device to drain on our already dwindling connection.  

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Devices like smart phones are constantly pulling off WiFi. My laptop is on pretty much 24/7 when I'm at home. I know my family of four has 10 devices and 7 of which are always connected

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Are you sure that your list is accurate?

Surely it's South Korea at the top (who incidentally, are massively into online games).

Your point about them being non free-market countries is also bizzare, Hong Kong is  one giant experiment in free markets.

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So is South Korea, free market.

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I assumed people where bright enough to turn off any device using internet that wasn't currently needed before they start gaming.

Again I expect too much of the human animal.

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