Why you're lagging more in Modern Warfare 3 than any other Call of Duty (Warning: Wall of Text!)

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@ghamorra: Thank you for a well written and articulated article.

I am from Australia and my Clan ( squad) entres a lot of Comps with the Koreans. There very very hot stuff, the funny thing is if its not a LAN Comp we will both get 4 green bars and we are thousands of miles apart, much more than some of your states in America where your bars drop by 2 or 3 over 25 miles? Why would that be? I can play on American Severs with 2 bars and do ok.

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ghamorra, great post.. Thank you.

It's funny you mentioned people upgrading their internet just to be able to play MW3, just to find out a better service made no difference.

1.) I want to say my wife was not thrilled I'm dishing out more money so I can shoot guns in    the virtual world.

2.) She's more than pissed that it made no difference for MW3 since I specically did it for MW3 and Black Ops, yet I still continue to  pay for it. (Simply because it has been golden for me on other games, and my internet is ridiculously fast now.)

And for a country our size and the companies who are making bank off our cable, phone, and internet bills, you figure we be at least in the top 3. I'm ashamed of you America. Give me my better interwebz for crying outloud.

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@SULLY: your wife is more pissed than you are it made no difference to MW3. She sounds like a hard task master, better pick your game up and prove to her you can kill more people in the virtual world. Oooor she will have you doing dishes in the real world

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Great explanation ghamorra.  But does it also mean that a game like this can't be fixed internally from IW?  That it's more dependent on people getting better internet?

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This game needs very little to run just fine as a client player. The fact of the matter is that these devs are clueless, also the reason mw2 ran better, they had better devs and thus also better matchmaking. PC games in the early 2000's ran better online. Why the f-ck am I playing more laggers 10 plus year laters and why is hosting a joke? These devs. Same reason blops runs worse on the ps3 than 360 while being a better system technically. Horribly ported game..

Mw2 wasn't even that great online, it was just very acceptable. That's how inconstant / bad mw3 runs.

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Thanks ghamorra.  For me this isn't much of a revelation, but a well written explanation of the rather obvious; there are only so many seats on a bus, too many people and someone has to stand.

I loved the line "Is Hong Kong the country located South of Australia?"

I get the impression many think Europe is a small country next to Russia.

I still think if they took away a lot of the bells and whistles, like unecessary stats, Elite, theater etc. the game would run a lot smoother.  It has deteriorated the more they add.

I hope going back to an older, but seriously upgraded, engine will help things, but I really think there is a need for some blue sky thinking and innovation before much will improve.  If they simply carry on adding more and more then the experience will only get worse, or remain as it is at best.

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sennalike wrote:

I still think if they took away a lot of the bells and whistles, like unecessary stats, Elite, theater etc. the game would run a lot smoother.  It has deteriorated the more they add.

I agree, a lot of the bling is un-needed as I mentioned above

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Good Thread ghamorra. We also have to factor in this. All this concerns multiple platforms. Xbox only recently became WiFi ready, Wii came around. With these popular less costly consoles ( well the Xbox now rivals the price PS3 has been), I am pretty certain that these development studios along with ATVI are more than likely optimizing for these types of situations. Also, you have to look into the Development studios are having to deal with these ISPs doing what they want with bandwidth. Corporations will always have the upperhand when it comes to consumption.

I remember a article that had Mark Rubin going on about how ISPs could be potentialy hurting the gaming industry with not making advances in the infrastructure.

With more kids jumping into CoD. We have to realize that they have no clue or control over modems or routers. So those that do, will feel the brunt of it. Just think about how kids are in a lobby running off the low tier service, wirelessly,while as you said...there are probably other people in the house using it, maybe 3, some streaming nervous, someone watch Youtube. That will promote nothing but trouble.

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Excellent thread, I sincerely hope treyarch has indeed done whatever needed to make the online experience play better. If that means punishing people who don't dedicate enough bandwith to their console while playing, so be it.

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The thing I don't get about MW3 is it's just so inconsistent, you never know getting on what kind of experience you're going to have.

My buddy has crap internet - some nights I can do well there some nights I can't do anything.

I have pretty good internet 40/6 annnnnd - some nights I can do well, some nights I can't do anything.

I just don't understand what this game wants.

Lately I've seemed to notice I can do much better on a three bar connection than a four bar - this shouldn't be the way the game works.

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