Would Anyone Else Like If Ballistic Vests Countered The Knife? Developer Response Please

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I had this topic on the Ps3 forums and decided to bring it here, so more would see it. The knife never blew up till MW2 came around with commando and it hasn't been addressed since. Former Creative Strategist Robert Bowling has said that the knife was for close quarters, but if you put "MW3 Commando Knife Lunge" on Youtube, I would say that is complete BS. There are also those "right thumbstick warriors" that literally squish the R3 button and whatever it is on Xbox, Wii, and PC and "panic knife". That blew up around Black Ops that I know of and, after this community has raised concerns for the knife, no one has addressed it.

What I am suggesting is in no way, overpowered at all. The Ballistic Vest can be taken out so easily, so overpowered is out of the question. We get an extra 30 things of health with the Vests, why isn't the knife a two slash kill with it on? This got no negative response on the PS3 and it would be nice if a developer would respond because the melee issue has gone since MW2 and I would assume CoD4, but I heard no complaints about it. I want to, mainly, hear a devs opinion on this matter and please, lets be nice and pleasant. If you like the idea, fantastic. If not, well, state your opinions on why. Can we also not attack each other in our posts? This community isn't even mature to begin with, why make it worst?

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I think the ballistic vests would be OP if this happened, because it is a Support killstreak. Maybe if you got it in a Care Package.

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the knife should stay how it is. in cod4 everyone coplained about the knife being weak so in mw2 they made commando perk and the knife became over powered. mw3 is bad enough with the lag comp make you knife lunge. the idea is good but with this new IW the delivery wont be.

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I dont remember anyone complaining about the CoD4 knife.

Fixing it now would result in a lot of complaining, as a lot of noobs rely on their 180*  auto aim XTREME instakills.

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How about bullets > knife...bullets should have stopping power against a knife lunge.  Getting knifed only pisses me of when I get hit markers from shooting them first in CQC.  If you can sneak up and knife me for one hit kill, then good on you...otherwise if I shoot you, then knife damage should drop to a two hit kill.

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How about they take the knife button off any stick?  Then no more panic knife.  You actually have to move your finger and purposefully knife.

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I think it would be a very good idea, but everyone that likes to run around and knife would hate it. so would everyone that panic knifes.

But yes the BV would be a great counter to stop or slow down knifing in this game at close range by those that rush through a hail of gun fire to knife you. That is why so many would hate it, for it would make them have to change how they play and no-one here likes to ever have to do that.

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