(XBOX) [Ko$]Killers On Sight is recruiting for good Hardcore TDM players.

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(XBOX) [Ko$]Killers On Sight is recruiting for goo...

Ko$ is a clan that has started on the Playstation and is Expanding to Xbox. We have 5 members that will operate back and forth from ps3 to xbox. We Play Hardcore TDM, Hardcore KC, and some Hardcore Dom. But our bread and butter has always been Hardcore TDM. We have a website as well as a facebook group page. This may be an upstart clan on Xbox, and this may take a little time to grow, but we do know how to put a crew together.

Check out our website at ClanKoS.com.

You can add me up on Xbox, GamerTag: CrazyFnMike.

Requirements: Be older then 16, Play Hardcore, and be good at knowing what it takes to win some games. cus games aint fun unless we winning.

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