Xbox 360 and PS3 ELITE Premium Content Drops for July Announced

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Modern Warfare 3 is in for one of the most content-rich months yet, as July sees the release of some exciting ELITE drops.


Xbox 360 ELITE Premium members will receive four exclusive drops on Tuesday, July 17, including three Multiplayer maps and a Special Ops mission. Navigate a graveyard of rotting ocean liners in Decommission. Take the fight out on the ocean in Offshore, an oil rig rich with sniper perches. On Special Ops mission Vertigo, dispatch helicopters and enemies alike from a rooftop vantage point on the Oasis hotel.


After weeks of anticipation, Terminal arrives to MW3! A fan-favorite from Modern Warfare 2, this Russian airport map is sure to be a hit with old and new fans alike. For ELITE Premium Members on Xbox 360, Terminal is available to download next Tuesday, July 17. Non-ELITE Premium members on the Xbox 360 won't need to wait long for their classic map, Terminal releases free to all Xbox 360 players only a day later on Wednesday, July 18.


PS3 ELITE Premium members will also see four content pieces this month, with three Face Off maps and a Special Ops mission releasing on Thursday, July 19. Drop into a tornado-devastated farm in Vortex. Weave across a war-torn Middle Eastern highway in U-Turn. And fight across some New York City streets in Intersection. In the Special Ops mission Arctic Recon, go by air, land, and sea to destroy a Russian warship.

MW3 fans are about to see a lot of action in the weeks ahead! 


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Will Terminal have survival mode on it?

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Mojammer wrote:

Will Terminal have survival mode on it?

Yes it does. If you have Xbox 360 you can play it now. We still haven't announced the release date for PC/PS3.

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When does this content become available for non premium members??

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mikeyobie wrote:

When does this content become available for non premium members??

It comes out for everyone the day after it is out for premium members.

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Great... except we cannot play them because all DLC has  been wiped out.

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