(Xbox Only) (QuickScope/TrickShot only) TeQniQ looking for new members *Change Gamertag*

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We are TeQniQ and we are looking for new members. We currently have 2 with a possibility of 2 more joining. We are a quickscope/trickshot only clan who play on Mw3 and Mw2. We play together as much as possible. There are no kd requirements or wl ratios taken into account. The only requirements are that you have a mic and you change your gamertag to TeQniQ _____ to look more professional. I am level 77 2nd prestige on mw3 and level 23 on Mw2 but i got that a couple of days ago. We play on any gamemodes and also could start uploading to youtube if you want. We also take part in clan ops because we are on elite. If you wnat to join send a message through xbox live to TeQniQ Fate or send a request through elite. It would be great if you joined as we could all have fun playing together.

TeQniQ Fate

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