You know MW3 is absolute crap when...

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You are trying to snipe someone with a barret and they end up killing you. With dual skorpions. in half a clip.  From about 75 yards away.

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when you empty a full clip from the .50cal in them and they still run up and stab you

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when you stand behind a Jugg with a riot shield and you still get killed by someone using deadman's hand

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When you die from someone who wasn't even on your screen, and you watch the killcam and they were standing in front of you for a solid 2-3 seconds

Basically the only time I think MW3 is crap is when I'm in a laggy lobby, which is pretty rare for me

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THIS!!!  HS!!!!  This happened to me about 6 times in one game on Dome yesterday.  Thought I was dealing with a hack until I went back and watched in Theatre mode.  Everyone of the deaths that I thought were unjustified, there was an enemy, standing clear as day in the replay but when playing live the game acted like they weren't even there.

After that I had to go play BO just to see how a normal game should run.  Had ZERO issues with my connection.  Played with some cheap ass spawn camping enemy bitches, but no connection issues at all.  

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It's a good thing I only play HC, I don't think I could handle watching most of my deaths on a killcam and realizing that it was total bullsh*t

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MW3 is absolute piece crap at any time.

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WTF are you doing in this forum???

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Expressing my opinin. That's what the forums are for.

WTF are you asking stupid questions?

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well when i got x6 xp 4 mw3  the lag was HORRIBLE iwould nife some1 20 seconds later it the killcam i didnt kill him even on mw2 it lagged

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