You know MW3 is absolute crap when...

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When you put the disk in your system.

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you wouldn't have this problem if you don't eject the disc muahahah

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The only reason i still play MW3 is due to the fact that the weapons have such little recoil, i can keep my distance on enemys and win a gun fight through accuracy rather than who has the lag advantage.

Black ops was and still is (played it last night) the worst COD for me ever. The recoil on the guns plus the bad hit detection gave your enemy more than enough time to move into cover / escape from getting killed at long range. Gun fights were always won in close range and you were either killed by a famas, galil or 74u.

Last night our team had 4 bars, yet the enemy team were on 2 bar yellow... they were still what seems like 1 sec+ ahead.

How is that possible.. COD really will die a death if blops 2 is a failure in this dept as well...

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When someone shoots me with a sniper which clearly doesn't hit me.

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nah seems like they were just better

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When the majority of players(I play GroundWar, so thats 18 people) are using a silenced, golden ACR. And cant understand why I call them Noobs(not a newbie. A noob, someone that uses the easiest set-up possible). And B2 Bombers flying overhead like its the 4th of July.

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When you earn an assualt jugg then a smaw comes flying across the map and kills you instantly or...

When the entire enemy team is using assassin and RF smgs.

You call in a moab and the game ends before it goes off.

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When you bank a throwing knife off the ceiling it sticks into the guy's knee and he gets up and shoots you. After shooting you he runs away with a knife sticking out of his knee!

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when people don't lose any forward momentum when running through bullets. In fact they can accelerate to knife you!

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