Your Best Game?

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Score 6330 Domination on Dome 13 caps won 200 to 185

Kills 52-11also domination on dome but different game

Kdr 22-1 TDM on Villiage

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42-4 on Mission, TDM.  Went 40-10(started out 31-2,went 9-8 the rest of the way and of course was the victim on the final kill!) just recently on Hardhat, team still lost(randoms).  Thats happened a few more times than I'd like.  I don't know how one player can put up more than half the teams kills yet 5 other guys can get the rest.  I'd rather go 15-10 but win the match. 

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COD3 FFA fuel plant 50-7.

This game none, there are too many 2 bar bullet sponges playing.

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It's one of two...either the 67-3 HC Kill Confirmed on Village, but i'd probably go with my 24-1 HC SnD game with two defuses as the only person left.

But then again we wrech on HC SnD...I have a great team around me.

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I once took the whole right side of a game of monopoly within the first 10 minutes.  That was like 25 years ago, but I will cherish that moment forever.

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mine was 54-12 on CTF

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My best games for every COD.

Cod 3. War 142-35

Cod 4 HQ 77-21

waw War 92-10

MW2 demolition 113-21

blops Demo 112-18

Mw3 i have had a few good ones.

Domination 90-11

Sabotage 66-3 with a legit 55 KS. But only counted as 39 because of streaks

Sabotage interchange 81-5

Still working on a 100+ game but it is tough to crack in this game

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yeah it is...MW2 if I didn't get 100 on Rust I was dissapointed.  Maxed out at 305 or something.  Now...80 is my max so far here.

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i remember rust! If i count those hacked lobbies, Then yeah around 500 kills in a game

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