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My Best MW3 Game is either 39-1 40-1 (TDM) or 30-0 (HC FFA) All 3 were M.O.A.B's. But I don't know which I'd consider my best. All I play is FFA and TDM so it's not easy getting high rate of kills all the time.

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My best was probably 47-5 on Bakarra, never had that many kills in TDM before, although the competition wasn't the strongest.

Actually got the game winning kill to make it 7500-7400, would have been slightly frustrated had we lost that one.

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51-10 core tdm...yes thats a shotgun score lol...its in my vault labeled "51-10" if u want to check it out. Gamertag is same as my name here on forums.

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30-0 ffa on seatown using assault killstreaks. Won it in less than 4 minutes I think..

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The amount of kills I get doesn't bother me, my best games are when the opposition are crushed, and we win very convincingly.

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I want 34-3 in TDM. Of course I was playing a bunch of morons who would not shoot down my helicopters. Got two by getting kills and one was in a care package.

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For me, its always the last game my team won.

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36-0 Ground Wars Dom. on outpost

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11-0 on search when i only started the game at halftime

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