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Re: Your new community team members here!

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Thank you for indroducing yourselves. hope you girls can help.

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Re: Your new community team members here!

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Yes thank you for introducing yourself and then going the way of the stealth clown.

You both have proven the skeptics right. You were only active to lure PC gamers into buying DLC2 and then you dissapeared.

The wee bits you do talk about are minor issues while the larger issues remain unacknowledged and ignored.

As in MW2. IWNet FAILED to deliver.

It was sold as the holy grail. No more cheaters. No more lag! All PC Gamers Rejoice!

Well the PC gamers were skeptical but gave it a try. Guess what. The skeptics were wrong. It turned out to be even worse then they expected.

Cheaters run rampant. Lag makes it unplayable. The infrastructure is so badly secured that you can actually get CHEAT INFECTED by it, some cheats alter your steam files!

To top it off any addition of DLC breaks the game even further.

And IW does NOTHING about this.

When will ATVI/IW/SH/BH or wichever acronym is responsible for it acknowledge it and FIX it.

The sad part. The community is better at fixing this mess then you can. AlterIWnet has ranked dedi's. Did they have a huge team of dev's? Nope, just enthousiasts. Did they have a huge amount of resources? Nope, just some spare time.

So how come THEY can fix it on extremely limited resources while ATVI/IW/SH can't?

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Re: Your new community team members here!

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Wanted to say hello to all of you! I am PSN ID: musicman1234. I just got MW3 less than a month ago. I see I can count on activision to give me THE bang for my buck. Only other dev that does that for me is Rockstar. I have founder status and have the full elite service. I also eat and

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