aV. New Mw3 Ps3 SnD clan.

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aV. New Mw3 Ps3 SnD clan.

Hi this is Damien.

I'm here to start a new mw3 SnD clan.

I call it aV. As in aVoided. Before it gets serious you all can pitch some ideas for a name.

You have to be skilled at SnD, but its not gonna be a tryhard 100% of the time clan. If you want you can just chill snipe, knife or whatever. The only time I ask you try is if we run into: A full team/ A clan/  Or just a group of kids talking ****.  So hmu with your PSN and well play a little just to see what you're about. Message me on PSN or leave a post below. PSN: Dame360Hutson. If you do not have a mic it is OK, but you HAVE to have another means of communication. I.E. Twitter/ Kik. Just wanna have a steady team so no one HAS to play solo when they get online.

Also if you are into GB and are interested in making a GB squad, we can start one whenever. See you online!

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