all cod title stats ?

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Is there a way to view all the cod game stats.

Some people dominated cod 4 but shit the bed at waw

Some people sucked at black ops but are untouchable at mw3

Is there a way to view player stats from every cod game and compare them.

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Your grammar isn't perfect but I think I understood something. You can only view COD4/WAW/MW2 stats in-game but BO and MW3 stats can be viewed from Elite.

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Your grammar is fine. Lmao!

Jambo is correct.

On mw2 you can view all your friends stats in game. By all I mean only time played, accuracy, win loss and kill death.

On cod4 and waw u can do the same however your friends have to have been playing the game that day for the stats to show.

Only other way to check em is to scroll through the global Leaderboards in game. That would take an eternity to find someone lol.

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