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boosters how to report

hello all i got a video of 2 boosters how do i go about and report them??i have a mini clip and also the whole game.they no longer are on my ps3 name list

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Re: boosters how to report

i dont think iw will take actions either, if some guys boosted a couple of games

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Re: boosters how to report

Here you go buddy.

That's a link to my forum on this topic.  Has great tips on getting the video, posting it, and reporting to Bancandy.

Happy Booster Hunting!!!

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Re: boosters how to report

I always defended BanCandy up until recently when after 5 weeks, the boosters i reported still play unsanctioned. If she is this far behind, is there not a team of people helping her out?

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Re: boosters how to report

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It seems strange that Bancandy has all be disppeared from us.  In the past I would send her a report and it got handled quickly, not the case any longer.   I have her as a friend on PS3 and it shows she hasnt been on in over 3 weeks.

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