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hi all!

i have intel q9550 quad processor 2.8ghz@3.6ghz, 8gb kingston ddr2 ram and geforce gtx 570....

i'm playin mw3 in 1920x1080 with full settings(image quality set to native ofcourse) and im getting about 35 to 60 fps(i turned vsync on) and i noticed

in task manager that mw3 is using only 1 core out of all 4!? i don't know why? any1 can help please...i think i would get better performance if it would use all 4 cores like battlefield3

i'm using win7 64bit

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when you right click on the prosses in the task manager, do you get a a choice "affinity"

If so click that; and you should be able to tell it how many corse to use.

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So far, all I can gather is that every call of duty before Black Ops II only uses 1 or 2 CPU cores, the newer the game, the better multicore scaling

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