hardcore map campers vs regular map campers. Which game type is worse.

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I've been playing the cod franchise since the release of cod 4.  and my view is there are more campers in hardcore mode than any thing else.

Which map and what game type do you think has more campers.

do regular game modes have more campers or does the hardcore mode have more campers.

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its a mixture of both in my opinion but overall i would say core has more campers and hardcore as it also includes alot of underage kids playing that game mode and the n00bs.

also hardcore tends to be for the more tactical players so not all of the campers camp for as long in the same spot..

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Does the hardcore mode have more campers? Not IMO. Hear me out.

Camping is the act of staying in one spot for a strategical advantage. However, on HC, staying in one spot offers no strategical advantage as it does on Core.

On HC, to kill someone trying to camp, you can just about take them out easy with any explosive device as long as it is fairly nearby.

On Core, to kill someone trying to camp, you actually have to just about get inside there and place a few bullets in the guy to get rid of them. IMO, you are more likely to die this way.

Yes, all you MW3 Gods will say it is so easy to kill campers and it is usually but if the camper is good, you can be screwed a few times.

The biggest weapon against campers, on HC or Core, is a good microphone. Just tell your team where the camper is and 2-4 blood thirsty guys will go after him.

In regards to maps, the smaller the map, the more campers because more people will run by the camper more often.

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ive only one question how do you know you have been killed by a camper in hardcore without the aid of a killcam ?

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theatre mode lol, 

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played a hc tdm, final score 3300 to 2800.  worst i have ever seen. it was tight, but oh so much fun.  it is super easy in hc to kill a camper, just shove a smaw down his throat.

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Definitely harder to kill a camper in core vs HC.

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camping, tent building, yogi bear, Yosemite sams, what ever you want to call them are in all game modes. Because in HC you have limited help (minimap, radar, etc) than it is just easier to wait. I would argue though is it smarter to run around seeking death? Think about it!

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when playing the game campers are a given,  No matter the game type. I'm not talking about the tactical campers that stay in a strategic spot and move after 10 to 20 seconds I'm talking about the hardcore campers that just dont move.

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I laugh when people complain about "campers."  Even funnier when they complain about a sniper who is camping.  Really?  Some of you really think a sniper should run around like a squirrel trying to find burried acorns just to make it easier for YOU to get a kill?

In actual combat, there are times when units are on the attack, times when they hold a stratigic location & other times when they do a mix of the two.  You may say, "this isn't real combat."  No, it isn't, but from what I understand, the games are designed to incorporate as muct realism as possible.  The maps are designed for Campers, Run-n-Gunners & players who do both.

In the games, just because someone can run-n-gun or camp, does not make them a better or worse player.  If playing as part of an organized unit, that can make a difference though.

You will find that the higher scoring units (clans) tend to park their butts & cover a field of fire or an avenue of approach.  I am sure that some of you may not think that this is fun.  However, with teams & players that are some-what equally matched with equipment & weapons, the strategic advantage goes to "camping".  It is often harder to run-n-gun & overtake an entrenched location than it is to hold that same location.

The question is, how to take over the entrenced location & inflict more casualities than your team takes.  If that can be done, & your team takes the lead, it is best to stop & grab some dirt & hold it yourself.  Use teamwork, pass intel & be patient.

If you are playing as part of a team (as in Team Deathmatch, HC or Core), it is about the team's score & not an individual's.  If you are playing for yourself & not the team you are on, then I suggest you play a game like Free-For-All or Gun Game where your score only affects you.

Either way, stop whining about campers.  They are here to stay.

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