if creators read that (i can hope, no???)

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if creators read that (i can hope, no???)

i'm going to copy/paste what i said on a topic about hack.

i hope it will be considered (but i don't make illusions)

let's go :

this game is going to die because of hack and activision does nothing .

maybe they hope people will buy the newest because they can't play this one.

it's just disgusting.

mw3 has good maps,kill confirmed.

they could do something to help people who bought the game and give them their money.

this is just what we call respect.

give us offline bots .we still play with this game.

it's not as fun as real multiplayer so we sure shall buy next game but not forget the game before.just for fun.

world at war was great but is unplayable.

mw2 the same.


respect players

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Re: if creators read that (i can hope, no???)

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No they don't read that. It's not possible to play 3 games without cheaters (mw3 on ps3).I'm disgusted of this company. It's just about money, and like you say, they have no respect for the players. ACTIVISION DO SOMETHING ! I have the feeling they let poeple cheat on older COD-games to force us to buy the new version ! I wish a new fps-game will replace COD..
Come on guys, this post is three days old and nobody answered ? I hear everybody getting more angry and no one do something ! Is this an official call of duty website cause I'm really amazed that nobody react here ?

Sorry for the faults, english is not my first language.

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