ii got banned why???

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Looks like you have been modding on W@W so it's probably a Xbox ban. Also if you have a colored avatar they will ban you. Sounds like a well deserved ban. Good riddance.

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Here, here! Another one bites the dust!

*Raises beer in victory!*

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It looks like an Xbox ban. HAHA! Go play PS3 now and leave Xbox alone better yet get a pc and learn how to be a real hacker.

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Cool !

Its still going ?

I love the 2 images above and Macs post

I thought that it was a race to see who caught him first. I didnt think we were playing with the mouse for a while first

hopefully this one stays to should our thanks to Bancandy and the others as well as a thread to show people DO get banned in the game.

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I would have banned him based on spelling alone, but otherwise, awesome investigatory work Starbuck.

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