lvl 19 req. for HC? WTF is this BS?

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I said its to keep the noobs from playing Hardcore.. Alot more people are joining the franchise and these new people will be in the game spam killing you because they dont know any better..Its for the best that it stays like this..

You say majority of the people who buy the game is getting it again? Thats where your wrong its 2x+ the amount of people playing COD every year. Ever sense COD4 the sale numbers have been multiplying. Your obviously here to troll sense you still believe its just a rename and better sound.

From what ive seen MW3 stands on its own as far as gameplay.

BF3 has no idea what they are doing..The game is incomplete and you shouldnt even be mentioning it.

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Once they get kicked for teamkilling they will understand you cannot do it.  It also explains what soft and hardcore differences is.  So they should know better.  Second, BF has no idea what they are doing? You my friend are smoking crack.  BF3 is the most realistic shooter out there.  It requires an actual team to win not one kid running around "running and gunning" or sitting in the back to get a choppergunner.  Yes ill agree their servers suck, but they are updating that.  Call of duty has better gameplay in the sense of lag and servers ill give you that.  Im not pro BF3 or pro mw3.  In explaining how they took bf2 and made bf3 superior and fixed the original problems.  all infinityward did was take mw2, update the guns, changed a few perks, upgraded the graphics and  added a few killstreaks.  The have yet to fix any of the original problems that they had from the beginning.  You call me a troll but your just a cod fanboy.  Get off your knees and realize that they really did not change much in the MP aspect.

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its always been that way.

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